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This is a conference like no other.

If you are engaged in bringing value to your organization, this is your chance to experience the process of building customer equity and accelerating company growth.

Customer Centricity 2018 combines world-class speakers with a hands-on Customer Centricity simulation. Join with high-level marketers, executive leaders, and dynamic customer centricity experts to learn new ideas, test theories, and accelerate the customer equity of your organization.



Hands-On, High-Level, Results-Driven

High-level marketers and executive leaders – learn how to build customer equity in a robust simulation. Work in small groups, use real customer data, and make decisions that company growth.

Do more than learn theory – use quantitative metrics to test ideas for customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer development. Work closely with peers, industry leaders, and customer centricity experts in an intimate, hands-on, and results-driven experience.



You can't be customer centric unless you know the value of each customer.

– Peter Fader, Wharton School University of Pennsylvania Author, Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage

The Customer Centricity Conference is the brainchild of Ambition Data , a leading consultancy for customer centric transformation. CEO Allison Hartsoe wanted a program where people could do more than listen to ideas about customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer development – she wanted a hands-on, dynamic event where people could apply key concepts in a virtual environment to build customer equity.

She has invited business professionals with expertise in applying quantitative metrics to lead teams through the Customer Centricity Simulation. Participants will team up with peers and leaders to match wits, try out new ideas, and compete to see who can drive the most value to their organization.

Conference co-chair is Peter S. Fader, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is an expert in analyzing behavioral data to understand and forecast customer shopping/purchasing activities. He works with firms from a wide range of industries to uncover consistent (but often surprising) behavioral patterns.

He believes that marketing should not be viewed as a “soft” discipline, and he frequently works with different companies and industry associations to improve managerial perspectives in this regard.



Why You Must Attend

  • Two Days Hyper-Focused on Accelerating Equity

  • World Class Speakers 

  • Hands-On Customer Centricity Simulation

  • Work Side-by-Side with Industry Experts

  • Connect with Passionate Professionals



Learn From and Work Side By Side With Customer Centricity Experts

Customer Centricity 2018 offers world-class speakers who are leading the customer centricity revolution and leveraging data to reimagine marketing, loyalty, and product development.

Learn about accelerating equity in traditional conference sessions as well as in small groups during the Customer Centricity Simulation. Build new, valuable relationships in a meaningful and memorable environment.

Allison Hartsoe
Founder & CEO,
Ambition Data
Customer Centricity Conference Host
Peter Fader
Professor of Marketing,
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Zach Anderson
Zach Anderson, Keynote Speaker
SVP and Chief Analytics Officer,
Electronic Arts
Sarah Toms
Director – Al West Jr Learning Lab
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Anthony Choe
Founder of Provenance
Jaime Colmenares
Director, Americas Finance – Customer Strategy & Analytics, eBay Marketplace
Joe Stanhope
Vice President,
Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
Bob McKinney
VP of Marketing and Omni-Channel,
Batteries Plus Bulbs
Elena Alikhachkina
Global Analytics Leader & Evangelist, CDO, Digital Experience Innovator, Business Technologist at Johnson & Johnson
Ash Dhupar
Chief Analytics Officer at Publishers Clearing House; AI | ML | Deep Learning | IoT
Publishers Clearing House
Meet The Accelerators

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The Wharton School, San Francisco Campus

Customer Centricity 2018 will be held at the Wharton School of Business San Francisco campus. This facility was designed for delivering executive MBA courses and is perfect for our event – comfortable, intimate, and fully appointed with the latest in technology.

Located at the historic Hills Bros. Building by the San Francisco Embarcadero waterfront, the venue’s many windows overlook the iconic Bay Bridge, which spans San Francisco Bay.

2 Harrison Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco