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You can't be customer centric unless you know the value of each customer.

Peter Fader, Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

What is Customer Centricity and How Does It Impact Equity?

Customer centricity is a widely misused term. If you are customer centric, then you can draw a straight line from marketing activity to ROI. If you are customer centric, you know the individual value of every customer.

According to the Book of Fader, running a customer-centric organization is about tapping CRM data to identify and, in turn, get a 360-degree view of your most valuable customers. You can then use that info to enhance the customer experience, while maximizing your revenue from them and other customers like them.

What will I gain from Customer Centricity Conference?

For this revolution in marketing strategy to truly take hold, theory must meet practice. That’s why this conference helps you understand the value of customer centricity and also gives you confidence that you can put it into practice to build equity at your own organization.

Customer Centricity Conference blends traditional conference sessions with hands-on learning in the Customer Centricity Simulation . Peter Fader, the esteemed University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Professor of Marketing, will help you put theory to practice. You’ll join a team of your peers to review and analyze the data presented, and act on it to drive the optimal customer-centric results.

Learn how to build customer equity and grow real value in your company. Meet with industry gurus who share real-world experience, tips, and enviable results you’ll want to emulate. Connect with them during a number of networking opportunities, and work with them side-by-side in intimate groups.

  • Sell the value of your program to executive management
  • Drive a customer-centric strategy that delivers quantifiable value and builds customer equity
  • Build lifelong relationships to collaborate on future programs

The conference is hosted by Ambition Data, a boutique consulting firm inspired by the clean KPIs and marketing revolution potential of customer centricity. Our Co-Chair is Peter Fader, Wharton School University of Pennsylvania.


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