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Each day of Customer Centricity Conference 2018 features a mix of traditional conference sessions with rounds of the Customer Centricity Simulation. Learn and work side-by-side with passionate and engaged peers and industry experts.

7:30 Breakfast/ Registration
8:30 Welcome & Buzzword Bingo
9:00 Sponsor session
9:30 Panel: The Future of Martech
10:30 break
10:50 Panel: Wall Street Meets Marketing at the Corner of Customers & Equity
11:50 Lunch
1:15 Customer Centricity Simulation Intro
2:00 Game Decision 1
3:00 Game Decision 2
3:45 Game Decision 3
4:30 Day 1 Recap
5:00 Cocktails / networking
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Day 2 Welcome
9:20 Team Breakout
9:30 Game Decision 4
10:00 Game Decision 5
10:20 Game Decision 6
10:40 Game Decision 7
11:00 Game Decision 8
11:15 Game Decision 9
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Game Winners Announced
1:45 Keynote: Zach Anderson, Electronic Arts
2:50 What’s Next, Part One. Where Are You In the Customer Maturity Model?
3:50 What’s Next, Part Two. Customer Maturity Guided Discussion on Getting Started
4:40 Wrap up

The Future of Martech: Helpful or Harmful?

Moderator: Allison Hartsoe

Panelists: Robert McKinney, BatteriesPlus; Joe Stanhope, Forrester; Elena Alikhachkina, Johnson & Johnson

An entire Martech ecosystem with thousands of tools has been created to improve the inefficiencies between marketing and technology. But do these tools actually help, or do they hurt the quest for a more complete, action-oriented view of the customer? This panel of leaders will debate the pros and cons and share their insider experience.

  • What are the essential tools in a customer-centric martech stack?

  • What people and processes are essential to run those tools?

  • How fast should you be responding to the customer? When is it creepy?

  • What is the worst tool – the one which will slow down your system?

  • What is your best tip or trick to share?

Wall Street meets Marketing at the Corner of Customer and Equity

Moderator: Peter Fader

Panelists: Anthony Choe, Provenance Digital

We can now draw a bright line between the value of the customer (“customer equity”) and marketing strategy and tactics. But how does academic proof translate into real business processes? Does the fact that customer value is more precise and predictable change the way companies are valued on Wall Street? This panel of leaders will debate customer centricity in practice and share their insider experiences.

  • How does an organization pivot from brand-centric thinking to customer-centric thinking?

  • What process has to occur to align the organization around customer equity?

  • How has your company embraced (or at least begun to talk about) customer-based corporate valuation?

  • How is “customer equity” (or an equivalent notion) calculated, communicated, and leveraged by your company?

  •  What do you see as the greatest challenges and opportunities associated with CBCV?

  •  What is the future for CBCV: passing fad, or destined to gain broad acceptance in the finance/accounting community?