Bill Schlough
Bill SchloughSenior VP and CIO, San Francisco Giants
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The San Francisco Giants are recognized among the most innovative and “fan friendly” teams in sports. Bill Schlough has led the Giants IT team for 18 seasons, during which the Giants have enjoyed the second longest sellout streak in baseball history along with three World Series titles. Schlough also serves as Chairman of the Giants’ San Jose Minor League affiliate.

Session Title:Together We’re Giants!– How a Fan First Philosophy Drives the Giants Unprecedented On-Field Success

Session Description:The San Francisco Giants are now entering their 18th season at AT&T Park, considered by many to be the most beautiful ballpark in baseball. Over the past seven seasons, fans have witnessed the “Golden Era” of Giants baseball—with an unprecedented three World Series titles and 489 consecutive sellouts.

In an exclusive interview with Wharton Professor Pete Fader, Bill Schlough (a Wharton grad) will delve into the Giants’ fan-centric culture; the metrics they use to measure and ultimately drive fan satisfaction and engagement; and the role that the fans have played in the team’s most successful run in its 130+ year history.