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Gary AngelCEO & Founder | Digital Mortar
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Considered one of the leading customer analytics and digital measurement experts in the world, Gary is the CEO and founder of Digital Mortar. Digital Mortar provides comprehensive collection and measurement of the customer journey in retail stores. Previously, Gary led Ernest & Young’s Digital Analytics Practice, helping a variety of Fortune 1000 brands drive digital transformation and performance. EY acquired Gary’s last venture – Semphonic – in 2013. As President of Semphonic, Gary led their growth from a 2-person practice to become the leading digital analytics practices in the United States. Voted the most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association, Gary writes an influential blog (, has published numerous whitepapers on advanced digital analytics practice and is a frequent speaker at industry events. His book, Measuring the Digital World, was published last year by the Financial Times Press.

Session Title:  Taking Customer Measurement and Customer Centricity into the Physical World

Session Description:  There’s a new set of technologies that allow you to measure the customer journey through the store or other location. Using wifi, camera and IOT devices, you have access to the way customers are navigating a store, branch or stadium. Why is that important? First, it fills in a big missing piece of the customer experience and journey. That’s huge for developing better experiences and driving personalization. But it’s also a way to fill in an increasingly important part of assessing customer value. Understanding which customers showroom then buy online versus those who don’t; which customers engage sales staff; which customers drive reverse supply chain; which customers are cross-department or shop as a family…those are all critical elements in assessing true customer value and the strength and breadth of your relationship. In this session, Gary Angel, CEO of Digital Mortar and formerly the Digital Analytics Practice Lead at Ernest & Young, will give an overview of customer-tracking technologies for physical locations; explain how the data they produce works and can be understood and contextualized, and then will dive into the key customer-centric use-cases.